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Please click on the Questions below to find answers to many commonly asked questions...

What should I wear to my appointment?

We suggest wearing loose fitting clothing that allows full range of movement. Generally, a Massage is done on bare skin so you will be asked to remove your clothes and remain in your underwear. Physio sessions may also require work on bare skin or removal of clothing at certain sites so please be prepared for this and wear appropriate underwear! For Personal training and Fitness sessions you should always wear something nice and cool that allows for full movement.
How long should I allow for my appointment?

You will be given an approximate duration for your appointment when you make a booking. A general rule of thumb for Physio… Initial treatments are normally 60 mins but may vary from 30-90 minutes depending on the complexity of the injury, and standard consultations are usually 30 minutes (can range from 20-60 minutes depending on your progress and injury). Massage and Personal Training or Fitness sessions are all allocated 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute sessions - simply ask when you book!
What should I expect from treatment?

In most cases, you will leave your treatment feeling alive again! In some cases, you may feel some temporary treatment or muscle soreness from both hands-on therapy and exercise sessions. In very rare cases, you may experience some bruising or an initial increase in pain as a result of treatment however this will be discussed with you in consultation with your therapist BEFORE treatment of this type is commenced so that you are in full control at all times.

Please try and avoid too much physical exertion after Massage or Physio sessions and ALWAYS do your homework! Due to the stimulating and detoxifying effect of massage, you should always increase your intake of water following a treatment.
Can I claim on my Private Health for Physio, Massage or Fitness?

Yes. Elite offers Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage, Exercise Physiology that can be claimed through your Private Health Fund Extras.
Do you have HICAPS?

Yes. On-the-spot rebates are currently available at our Stones Corner Physiotherapy and Massage Specialist Centre and Mt Gravatt Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy clinics.
How much is the gap if I swipe my Private Health card?

The Private Health gap varies between Health funds, level of cover and length of time you have been covered. Generally, you will receive anywhere from $20 to 100% of the cost of the consultation as a rebate from your Private Health Fund… The only way to definitely know before you swipe is to give your Health fund a call and ask them how much rebate you will receive from Physio, Remedial Massage or Exercise Physiology. We're sorry we can't answer that for you!
I have a doctor's referral, do you participate in Enhanced Primary Care (EPC)?

Yes. We communicate with your referring Doctor and keep everyone in the loop! The EPC Program means Medicare covers a massive $50.95 towards your Physiotherapy treatment which leaves you with a small gap of $24.05 for each session that you will need to pay at the time of your appointment.
Do you treat workcover, DVA or accident insurance clients?

Yes. We communicate with your claims manager, GP, Return to work officer and all those involved in workers rehabilitation to get you back to work safely! All we need is a current Doctors certificate and an approved claim number and we can bill your compensation company directly.

For workcover clients, until your claim has been approved (which can take up to 2 weeks) you will need to pay for your treatments at the time of your appointment and have them reimbursed by workcover.
I am interested in having Elite cover my Team/Club, how do I go about this?

Simply send us an email or give us a call…! Let us know a little bit about your team or club, i.e. which sport, where you are based, where & how often you play, how many players, etc. We will return your enquiry and have a chat to you over the phone or email about how to proceed.
Will Elite sponsor my club?

Let us know a little bit about your club, i.e. which sport, where you are based, where & how often you play, how many players, etc. and why you are interested in Elite as a sponsor. We will return your enquiry and have a chat to you over the phone or email about possibilities of Elite Sponsorship. While we take pride in sponsoring many local and community-based clubs, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to sponsor your club but will make every effort to investigate this as an option.
Where is the best place to park?

Stones Corner Physiotherapy & Massage Specialist Centre

Parking is available directly out front of the clinic on Logan Road or in the Stones Corner Village Shopping Centre - ALDI Carpark - next door (entrance via Cleveland Street).

Carina Medical & Specialist Centre

The Carina Physiotherapy & Massage Clinic is situated inside the Carina Medical & Specialist Centre which has a dedicated carpark on-site. This is on the corner of Stanley and Creek Rd with access via Stanley Rd only.

Mt Gravatt Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Clinic

The Mt Gravatt clinic is located at the Palmdale Shopping Centre, 2120 Logan Road Upper Mt Gravatt and has ample parking available in the complex.
How do I apply to do an Elite Massage course?

Simply download the course prospectus from the relevant course page, give us a call, email or request an appointment regarding Massage Courses and we will return your enquiry and send you an information pack including enrolment requirements.
I'm not sure if I need treatment for my injury, can a therapist call me?

Yes. As we are passionate about helping people one of our Qualified Physiotherapists will be glad to give you a call to briefly discuss you injury to see if and which treatment will benefit you the most. There is no charge for this service - we simply want you to head in the right direction!
How can I apply for a career at Elite?

Check our Employment page and send your cover letter and resume to - We'll have a look and see if you'll be a good fit with the Elite family and get back to you…!
Compliments or complaints?

The best compliment any of our clients could give us would be to tell others how the team at Elite Body Management helped them overcome their pain or injury and how good we are at what we do! We rely almost completely on word of mouth referrals from client's friends and families for our business and we thank you for spreading the word about the Elite team!

Unfortunately some conditions require treatments that may initially stir your symptoms in order for things to be fixed. If you have had lasting pain or bruising following your treatment and would like to speak to a therapist about what to expect or how to manage this most efficiently then please call us or email us at and we will respond immediately.
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