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Meet the Team

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Matt Riemann –  Personalised Health Expert

Matt is a leading Health Expert in Personalised Health and the Prevention of Chronic pain and Disease. His vision is to eliminate pain, disease and illness from the planet and he has now devoted his life to this cause, founding the Ultimate Human Foundation.

Matt is currently focussed on launching a Personal Health Revolution which brings eastern and western philosophies and medicines together to identify, classify and optimise Personal Health, specifically for Your body. He is working with leaders from around the globe to incorporate the entire mind-body-spirit connections into this experience while conducting scientific, evidence-based research to enable global acceptance and implementation that will improve the Health of mankind.

His clinical framework combines aspects of neuroscience, haematology and DNA assessments, nutrigenomics, naturopathy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, visceral, craniosacral and energetic therapies to enable Matt and his team to “fix the unfixable” and prevent future recurrence. Clients travel from around the globe for personal treatments who consist of olympic athletes, politicians and renowned entrepreneurs.

Matt practices what he preaches and believes environment and organic nutrition is an integral component in the prevention of chronic disease from an early age. He is currently looking to connect with similar visionary leaders who share his mission of creating a world free from pain or disease. 


Kasia Bartnikowska

Kasia Bartnikowska - Physiotherapist/Exercise Physiologist, Energy Therapist, PH360 Accredited Coach

I have completed degrees in both Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy, and am able to combine the best of both worlds to ensure optimal treatment for your needs.  

I have a strong interest in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy, in particular working with athletes and returning them to the level of function and strength they want and need to perform at their best - all athletes, weekend warriors included! 

My passion is martial arts and main sport is Taekwondo, in which I train and compete, so I am well aware of the demands and intensity required of individuals in training and competition and the need to be fit, dedicated and healthy all round! 

Currently working with the Eastern Suburb Tigers FC, treating players from Vultures AFC and some martial artists, as well as working with members of the general public in the clinic, ensures that I have experience with the whole spectrum of injuries, from very acute to chronic. 

Being a logical and thorough therapist, and having trained in alternate modalitites to Physio, such as Osteopathic and Craniosacral techniques, I have the ablity to assess injuries in detail and obtain specific and clear diagnoses.

Originally I am from Poland, but have lived in South Australia (briefly) and Queensland since I moved to Australia during childhood. I love travelling, being at the beach, reading, watching anime, strength training at the gym, and doing heaps of Taekwondo in my free time! 


Stephen TimmsStephen Timms - Physiotherapist/Exercise Scientist, PH360 Accredited Coach

After moving from Port Douglas in Far North Queensland to the big smoke of Brisbane, I successfully completed a Bachelor degree of Applied Science in Human Movement Science, a Masters of Applied Science in Research and most recently a graduate entry Masters of Physiotherapy Studies. I have also worked a number of years as a sports scientist for Cricket Australia’s Centre of Excellence.

I am passionately curious and thoroughly enjoy the challenge of clinically reasoning as a physiotherapist. I thrive on making tangible improvements in people’s lives, be it sport, work or recreational pursuits. My exposure to elite sport, varied academic pursuits and clinical experiences has equipped me with the skills to effectively treat musculoskeletal pathologies in all populations. My particular interest is Sports Physiotherapy, chiefly cricket, AFL and tennis.

In my (rare) spare time I enjoy playing 1st grade cricket for Toombul, moseying around the farmer’s markets, cooking for friends, travelling and I am also a self-confessed coffee snob. My career highlights thus far include working at the 2011 Cricket World Cup in India and the satisfaction of helping athletes return to play their chosen sport. 


Rachel Doutreband

Rachel Doutreband – Physiotherapist/Sport Scientist, PH360 Accredited Coach

After completing my Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport) at The University of Sydney I chased my childhood dream of becoming a physiotherapist and moved to QLD to complete my Masters of Physiotherapy at Griffith University. 

I have a genuine passion for sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy, which is fueled by my love of sport. After competing in a range of sports at both a social and representative level I appreciate the importance of being fit and performing at your best. I have gained a wide range of experience working in a number of different sporting arenas including; The Pan Pacific Masters Games, rugby union, gridiron, cricket and netball. This experience has given me a strong foundation in correctly diagnosing and treating a wide variety of acute and chronic injuries in both athletes and the general population. 

I am an avid sports fan! In my spare time I enjoy the odd cricket, netball and touch football game, skiing and supporting my teams: Sydney Swans, Vancouver Canucks and New Orleans Saints…just to name a few!

Cody Wesseling

Cody Wesseling – Physiotherapist/Exercise Scientist, PH360 Accredited Coach

Growing up in the coastal North Queensland town of Mackay meant the only logical relocation would be to the ever sunny Gold Coast. Here I lived and studied for 5 years completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Master of Physiotherapy.

Throughout this time I developed an avid interest in Strength and Conditioning which has become one of my passions and strengths. Working as a Strength and Conditioning coach has given me the opportunity to work with a variety of local teams right up to elite athletes and assisting those trying to get to the top.

I’ve played a vast variety of sports from social to representative levels including competing at Rugby 7s tournaments around the globe. So I know what it takes to get to the top and how frustrating an injury can be.

Whether it’s sports specific, work related or too much leisure (you’d be surprised!) my passion is getting people back to health whilst maintaining an active lifestyle! More importantly, I want my clients to even excel their health beyond previously thought!

I love the outdoors and am regularly spotted down the beach, climbing cliffs or chasing a few fish in the ocean. I follow every sport under the sun and enjoy maintaining an active lifestyle but always have time for a cheeky beer with mates.


Rebekah Morrison – Remedial Massage TherapistRebekah Morrison

I have been practicing Remedial Massage for over seven years and love the satisfaction that it gives! Being able to help relieve pain, invigorate and relax my clients is my number one goal! 

Through the sports clinic, I have worked with a multitude of clients across a wide range of sports from NRL and AFL players, Olympic athletes, Hockey players, Netballers, and state & local level sports clubs to Professional Dancers, Golfers, Triathletes, Iron Men and Adventure racers. I find that whether you are training for a national level competition or the local fun run – massage will help you get there! 

I have a keen interest in aromatic massage and massage therapy as an escape experience and love travelling to learn new techniques that I can bring to the ‘table’!  I am a bit of a foodie, love my herb garden & good food (being originally from Adelaide has spoilt me!), love a swim, the beach and the awesome QLD heat… bring on the Steam! 


Jasmine KeirJasmine Keir – Remedial Massage Therapist

You wake up feeling stiff and sore; perhaps a headache is affecting your concentration at work; or even simply looking for something to help you relax and de-stress - Come visit me, Jasmine Keir, at Elite Body Management. I am a Remedial Massage Therapist with a Diploma of Remedial Massage qualification from The Elite Massage Academy. I am here to help you with your tight and aching muscles, your headaches and back pain, or to provide a soothing relaxation massage!

Massage has been a huge part of my life ever since I was really young. I was always massaging my mum at home for pocket money or my friends in the library during lunch breaks. Now I massage footballers, state and national level athletes, stay at home mums, teachers, physiotherapists and any person desiring or requiring a massage. 

Many people suggest they do not enjoy going to work, but I do! I love being able to do a relaxation massage and see how fresh and stress-free people look and feel afterwards.  Also when doing sports and remedial massages, it’s rewarding to see the amount of pain relief people obtain. 

During massages I have the opportunity to develop a rapport with my clients and I look forward to their future visits! It is very gratifying to see how far people come in terms of muscle release and a decrease in their stress levels.  

At Elite, my knowledge is continually growing as I learn new information from our physiotherapists and health scientists about injuries and discover intriguing aspects about the human body. Throughout my studies I learnt many different techniques to help relieve muscle tightness. Some of these include relaxation, sports and remedial techniques as well as lymphatic drainage, chair massage and pregnancy massage. I love what I do, for me it’s not only work but also is very enjoyable. 

I look forward to meeting you soon! 


Lisa - Massage TherapyLisa Ambler – Therapeutic Massage Therapist

I am originally from Melbourne, Victoria. I made the big move to Brisbane in December 2011. I moved up North for the warmer climate all year round and are loving it - QLD you have me for keeps! I am a Massage Therapist and currently studying to upgrade to the Diploma of Remedial Massage to further  my knowledge about massage and the human body.

I have been a regular participant in sports and fitness activities all my life. My 2 main sports I participate in are Triathlons and Squash. I have played squash for 28 years and played at a high Victorian competition level in my serious playing days. I am also an accredited squash referee and squash coach. I have travelled around Australia a few times refereeing  at major squash tournaments.Triathlon is my biggest sport I participate in now. I am also an accredited Triathlon technical Official and have officiated at some QLD triathlon events. I love the hard core nature of the sport and the challenge to complete the race. I am hooked on triathlons and the training for them and from my experience of receiving massage and having now the education of knowledge about massage, know the benefits of massage.

I thrive and enjoy treating active sports people, amateur and elite professional athletes in all sports. My goal for the future is to one day work as a massage therapist at an Olympic or Commonwealth games.

The softer side of me is that I love Animals and have worked in Domestic Animal Welfare for 10 years.


Cameron McDonaldCameron McDonald – Dietitian, PH360 Accredited

After studying and becoming accredited in exercise physiology, I followed it with dietetics and nutrition as I really wanted to learn more about how they work together.

I am very passionate about how nutrients and exercise synergise to allow people to reach their health potential. I have completed my PhD looking at how omega-3 and exercise combine to aid in body composition change. During the long haul of the PhD I developed my big goal which is to help create a culture where the healthy choice is the easy and obvious one.

I love working with people who want results from their health habits, and it’s exciting working with those who just need a little more motivation to do the things they know they need to do. Health care is now focussing on people being ‘well’ instead of just being ‘not sick’, and one of my specialty areas, Brain and cognitive health, really looks to help people in this space.

The brain is an amazing mirror of the body, and the habits that aid heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, other obesity related conditions, depression, anxiety, and just general fatigue make a huge difference to cognitive function and energy levels as well.

The athlete mentality is something I also really enjoy working with.  Guiding driven athletes to better performance through nutrition is a thrill. I am a big sports enthusiast myself, love a triathlon or social game of ‘anything with a ball’ with some mates.

I have worked in private practice as a dietitian and exercise physiologist for a number of years, and currently mentor a number of dietitians in dong the same.

I like helping people understand themselves and their habits, so they find it easy to make a decision that benefits them in the long run.

Lili-TCMLjilijjana Mitrevska – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)/Acupuncture

After completing my Health Science (Acupuncture) degree in TCM, I undertook an internship at Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University in Nanning, China.  This allowed me to gain further knowledge, skills and understanding from the extensive hours spent in hospitals, seeing a variety of conditions treated.  This also gave an insight into integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

I have a great passion for holistic health and I love the concept of treating the "whole person" where all aspects of a person's needs are taken into consideration.  A special interest of mine is women's health issues. However, I enjoy treating a wide variety of conditions.

Besides my love for TCM, I am a food lover and enjoy trying foods from different cultures.  Recently I started to really enjoy cooking.  I love H2O, so anything to do with being in the water or next to water, I enjoy.


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