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After 4 years of chronic neck and shoulder pain, hip pain and general overall body pains which was with me 24/7 and kept me from having any form of quality sleep, I can now say it has all but gone.

During those 4 years I had seen numerous doctors and several healers from different modalities and had countless numbers of treatments which did absolutely nothing but cost me a fortune. I was referred to Elite from a lady I met one day who saw how much pain I was in. I have not looked back ever since.

The most dedicated and thorough Physios I've ever met – it’s like they have magic hands. Physio is not always a pleasant walk in the park but any pain during the treatment has been well and truly worth it. With a combination of my Physio treatments, Massage and exercises to do at home I can now function like a normal person.

I cannot express how grateful I am for the help and sincere support that I have received from the whole Elite Team.

Many Thanks,

Tracey K, Murrumba Downes

I came to Elite because they were recommended to me by my Pilates Instructor. One of the original injuries that I came to see Elite about was plantar fasciitis which was soreness in the heel of my right foot which I'd had for many, many years. I also at the time had a problem with my achilles tendon on my left side.

Elite prescribed a series of exercises, which I did, and now - no plantar fasciitis in my right foot and no problems with my achilles on my left!

I would definitely recommend Elite Body Management - I find them excellent to deal with & the thing that is particularly impressive about them is that they not only look after you while you're there in the session, they look after you while you're at home - they ask regularly for updates, they follow up, they give you programs to do at home - it's not just what they do in the session, it's what they do outside of it aswell!

Kirsten P, Milton

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I'm the Captain of the Easts Tigers - I spent the last 4 years in Sydney where our Physio was really important to us & our coaches really needed us to be back on the paddock as soon as possible - I definitely haven't lost anything moving to QLD & playing QLD Cup for the Tigers. Elite Body Management has definitely got me back on the park as quick as possible, & the coaches are very happy. One injury last year was a hamstring - I was back on the park very quick - I was very happy with Elite & I'd definitely recommend them.

Shane N, Easts Tigers


I play American football for the Bayside Ravens and I’ve also represented QLD and Australia in the last World Cup.

Basically without the team at Elite, both Physio and Massage, I honestly wouldn’t have been able to play at all… but because of those guys and girls, I was actually able to play at quite a high level and get through the whole tournament to make some pretty decent plays… so I’ve got a lot to thank them for!

Christian M, Tingalpa

Thank you for your continued support and help in getting me and my family back on track over the years. Your professional and total lifestyle approach to my aches and pains makes sure that I'm back on the rugby league field at the right time and at peak fitness. I particularly am thankful for your recent advice in recovering from a broken leg and your continued advice in making me the best I can be physically for my games.

My whole family has used your services and really appreciate the fact that we don't always have to come to the practice for advice and monitoring of our injuries. This really helps in giving us confidence that our aches, pains and injuries are progressing as they should. The friendly and professionalism of your team is always appreciated and we all know that we are always being provided the best care possible.

Without the Elite Team I would surely not be enjoying playing rugby league at the elite level with the Easts Tigers.

Thanks again Matt and keep up the good work!

Alex B (and Andrew, Jared and Lachlan), Wishart


For many years, progression in my training was hampered by injuries sustained in and out of the gym. More often than not they occurred due to poor exercise form where a slight imbalance would blow out to an incapacitating weakness.

Three years ago I was introduced to the Elite Body Management Team. Since then, through their use of hands-on therapy and extensive knowledge of training programs and good exercise form, my progress has skyrocketed. I’ve recently added a few remedial massage sessions – another one of the many services that is available by the therapists at Elite.

Thanks to Elite, I have not regressed in the gym for just on three years. I have referred many friends to his services and they too are enjoying training - and life - pain and injury free.

Troy B, Holland Park


I found elite through my husband - I was training for a marathon the first time and found that I was having trouble getting past a particular distance.

I found that Elite Massage was really great to speed up my recovery and to help me figure out what was tight to try & fix it! It's been awesome! I'm now doing Triathlons & I'm still coming! I would completely recommend Elite Massage Therapy to anybody!

Alison G, Carina

I'm from Melbourne & now play for Easts Tigers - I heard about Elite from the Club & they've been really good to me. I did my AC Joint and Elite looked after me with that & it came along good - I also tore my lateral meniscus - Elite hooked me up with a specialist who fixed my knee up which was pretty good. I recommend you come to Elite Body Management - they'll look after you 100%!

Maeli S, Easts Tigers


When I first came to Easts, I was recovering from a dislocated ankle and a broken fibula and they helped me out with that - gave me lots of treatment & exercises to strengthen the ligaments and that's all good now. (Ben did score the first try of the season in 2011 after recovering from this injury! - Ed.) I would recommend Elite to anyone who plays sports or has had serious injuries - they do a great job here & they give great massages!

Ben H, Easts Tigers

I first came to Elite with an ankle injury and since then, I've had a fair few others & everyone here has been great & organised things really quick for me. I recommend Elite to anyone who is considering Physio or Massages - so thank you very much Elite!

Ben A, Brighton

I pretty much came across Elite through my involvement in Rugby League. About a year ago, I had a full knee reconstruction - Elite Body Management has helped me through the rehabilitaton stage and got me back on the footy field & all sweet running again! I definitely recommend Elite Body Management - they're a friendly bunch & whatever rehabilitation, treatment or massage you need I'm confident they'll get it done!

TJ, Carina

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I’d always been told that I can’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t ever be able to run. My knees were always sore, during and after any running that I tried to do. I had a Running Assessment with a Sports Physio at Elite and oh my goodness! Just watching myself run and have someone explain exactly what was happening in my body was amazing! I was told the corrections that I’d need to make and given exercises to help strengthen my weak bits and I can honestly say that the very next time I went for a run, I did all the things that I was told to do, concentrated on all the little bits I was meant to and I could run PAIN FREE! My knees weren’t sore the next day and I felt a million dollars!

Melissa G, West End

I have been with Elite Body Management since they first started. Why? Because you are treated as an individual. Their focus is an accurate diagnosis the first time, so that they can effectively treat you and not waste your time. They have a DO It Thoroughly & DO It Right attitude that has got me back on track quickly each and every time.

Rob M, Wynnum


Elite Body Management came highly recommended to me by another Physiotherapist!

I have some ongoing problems and at Elite, I found a team who helped when I needed hands-on treatment, but also offered the extra encouragement, education and support to help me manage my condition. I have already referred lots of friends, and would definitely recommend the team at Elite, as they offer a very high standard of health care, are great communicators, have a good sense of humour and offer the whole package with Physio, Massage and Exercise Therapists working together.

Jill B, Norman Park


When I used to have headaches all the time, they fixed it. When I had a really sore knee from my enthusiastic uptake of running, they fixed it. When I felt like I had a needle jabbing into the base of my neck all the time, they fixed that too!

I love the Team at Elite – funny, friendly, always smiling and above all, they get rid of my pain! I recommend them to anyone I know that talks about pain - I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Amanda P, Morningside

I train regularly with a personal trainer and have achieved above average fitness and strength for my age (53 years!). My job is physical and I’m on my feet 12 hours a day. To maintain this routine, I have regular Sports massages at Elite. Any sign of discomfort I have it seen to immediately at Elite, thus avoiding injury or pain. I listen to my body and any problems are fixed with deep massage and at home maintenance and exercises as directed by the Physio team.

Thanks to the Elite Team, I live free of pain!

Deb P, Durach

I have recently finished a course of Physiotherapy at your clinic and wanted to express my thanks for the excellent help I received from your Physiotherapists.

Their friendly and efficient manner put me at ease and encouraged me to work hard at my ‘homework’ and achieve good results.

I found all your staff friendly and helpful and would have no hesitation in recommending Elite to my family and friends.

Dianne M, Kangaroo Point

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I wish to convey my sincere thanks to the Elite Physiotherapy Team for their care and support to me in regard to a workplace injury.

The Elite Team have been able to successfully work with me on alleviating acute symptoms as well as working with me over the long term to improve strength and prevent further injury.

I have been so confident in the treatment I received to refer a number of friends to the practice and, without exception, the people I have referred have been exceptionally happy with their assessment and treatment.

The Physios are attentive, caring and methodical in their approach. They are knowledgeable and confident and I am really pleased to have found them.

In short, my treatment was of a very, very high standard and I recommend the practice to anyone.

Sarah N, Kenmore

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As an active person and Personal Trainer I've had a number of physical injuries, setbacks and challenges over the years, many of which had gone un-noticed, mis-diagnosed and insufficiently treated.

It didn't take long for the competent team at Elite to provide me with a correct diagnosis and a realistic treatment plan.

They have a professional yet personal and practical approach and they work together as a team and with me to achieve the best possible outcome with my treatment.

Their commitment to 'wellness' and functional, optimal performance gives me every confidence in their ability to assist my rehabiliation and also that of the many clients I refer to them.

Anyetta N, New Farm


As a personal trainer I prefer to use Elite Body Management - they are excellent with their service - I’ve had several injuries across the time that I’ve been visiting Elite and the team here have been excellent in their treatment. I’ve had ITB Friction Syndrome for a while due to the large amount of running that I’ve done and the guys here have been really effective in treating that injury, I’ve also had some lower back problems which the Physiotherapy guys have been fantastic in treating.

The team here is outstanding. They are all up to date with the most efficient ways of Massage and Physiotherapy. I’ve used them for both and wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to anyone!

Sean D, Yeronga

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I've been coming to have massage at Elite for several months now. I've had lots of niggling injuries from sport when I was a kid & that's now all gone! I no longer have back pain, I no longer have neck pain. I'm a teacher and I know that at the end of every term when I get pain from writing reports and marking exams, I can just come along here & it will all get sorted out!

I'm also training five hours a week at the gym and I've been taught to do stretches at home which help & then I come and have a massage & all the pain just goes away - it's fantastic!

So if you have any injuries at all, I recommend that you come along - it's worth it! Just one try & I know you'll be hooked!

Jane H, Greenslopes


I was recommended to Elite by a friend - I have quite a severe scoliosis in my back, always back pain, lower back pain, neck pain & constant injuries!

The Service is great - from the moment I walked in, when I was greeted by a lovely receptionist to the reminder calls for your booking - trust me, I never forget about my massage at Elite Body Management!

Since coming to Elite, my back has improved immensely! Whether it was lower back pain, in my neck, headaches or sore muscles - I always walk out of here feeling 110% better than I did when I walked in!

Emagene M, Mt Cotton


I first came to Elite Body Management because I had a sore neck, I suffered from regular Migraines & I also wanted to get back into the gym. That was a little over 12 months ago and since then, I 've been coming every month, once a month.

A few years ago I was a personal trainer and did a lot of study in Anatomy & Human Movement. I always had a big interest in that and as such I've always been a bit particular about who I get a massage from (Like a hairdresser getting a haircut - you know what you're doing and so you're looking for someone else to know what they're doing..) As soon as I came in to Elite I knew that they knew exactly what they were doing & they work with me to fix my issues - the frequency of my migraines dropped right off and I did join back at gym. Regular massages have helped me train to my full potential & also help me to recover.

My health insurance lists Elite as one of the providers that give rebates on the spot so it's fairly cheap for me each time aswell and that's been good!

I would recommend Elite to anyone, in fact I have to a number of my friends who now come with their partners fairly regularly!

Tony G, Wynnum

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Just wanted to say I'm loving the course!

I feel I've learnt more from you in 4 weeks, than I did at TAFE in 4 months! I'm so glad you reccommended doing the sports massage, I feel I'm getting more confident (which I wasn't before! ) & looking forward to doing remedial!

Cath G, Redland Bay

I heard about the Elite Massage Course when I did Work Experience with Elite two years ago. I have had an interest in remedial massage my whole life and when I got to do work experience here, my enthusiasm grew and I wanted to do the course immediately! I did the course starting in February 2011 and I learnt absolutely everything about the body – how it all works and if you massage one part of the body it can affect another area! My favourite part of the course was learning the massage routine – hands on experience! There was heaps of hands on experience which is what I loved!

Xaviere F, Ormiston


My main decision for studying with Elite was because it was friendly and they have small classes – with small classes you can get more one-on-one attention, you can learn better, you can ask questions, you don’t have to feel scared about sitting in a big lecture hall and putting your hand up in front of hundreds of people!

I’d highly recommend it – it was really good having the Physios here because you could ask them any questions that you liked – you could stand in on their sessions, and learn so much more than you could in a University or anything like that where you can’t see their hands-on practice.

Jasmine K, Tarragindi

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A big Thank You to everyone who has provided feedback and testimonials for us! We love that you are happy with our service and look forward to seeing you next time!

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