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Free Workshops!

At Elite, we are all about helping people and we love to empower our clients to make the most of their bodies and their health! That's why we run FREE workshops whenever we can to help educate andinspire you to take control of your body and your health!

Neck Pain & Headaches - Food as Medicine - Strength & Stability - Healthy Weight Loss

Self Massage - Correcting Postural Imbalances - Supplements - Low Back Pain

Winning in Life - Personal Development 101 - Reduce Stress and Be Happy!

Our workshops are held in-house at the Stones Corner Specialist Centre by Members of the Elite Team, our Resident Health Gurus and by Visiting Experts such as International Keynote Speakers, Business owners and Health Specialists. All of whom live by the same values as us - knowledge, passion, wholistic health and fun!

By attending our free workshops, you will gain a great insight into the topic, a whole heap of useful tips that you can put into practice immediately and a network of support for your continued health and well-being!

We'd love to see you, your family and friends at a session coming up so we can spread our vision for a healthy, happy community!

Our Resident Gurus

Matt Riemann

Director of Elite Body Management Specialist Centres, Sports Physiotherapist, Exercise Scientist and a leading expert in the Future Medicine space, known for his ability to fix the 'unfixable', Matt is passionate about prevention and curing pain and preventable disease by combining science with effective therapy and natural medicines.

Using prevention diagnostics including musculoskeletal screenings, blood and dna analysis, Matt is regarded highly not only in the world of Physiotherapy and fixing injuries, but also in preventing injuries and chronic pain and diseases from ever occurring! A personable and educated speaker, Matt regularly presents to medical professionals, allied health and fitness professionals, athletes, sports clubs, corporations and our very own Elite Clientele!


Rebekah Morrison  

As one of the happiest people on the planet, Rebekah is an expert in maintaining a happy, health lifestyle!

With a remarkable lust for life and vibrant personality, Rebekah will help inspire you to create the life you want to live!

Rebekah is living proof of someone who has made everything she has ever wanted to do happen and is all about teaching others to do the same - from passing on awesome Massage therapy and bodywork skills to creating a life by design, doing what you want to be doing to create your niche in the world!

An effervescent speaker with energy that is contagious even to the furniture, Rebekah regularly runs trainings and speaks at Health events, schools, colleges and our very own Elite Specialist Centres. 


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