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Personalised Dietetics Programs

For many years, it has been obvious that one of the critical elements of your overall health is what you put in your mouth.

But how do you know what is right for you? The wrong foods, as you are probably aware can unravel your health quickly, however following your Personalised Health program, it can correct those problems just as fast.

So what makes this program stand out from a nutrition program?

We are bombarded with nutrition advice from all angles, some that is good, some that is bad, and the rest mostly in the middle. All of this information is typically based on the general population, definitely not you as an individual, particularly when it comes to your genetics and how they interact with the environment. This is a very particular type of guidance that until now has been too difficult to deliver. On completing the initial assessment you receive a list of foods that are specific for you, right now, right where you live, at your stage of life.

Why a Dietitian?

Even though we have been given nutrition advice our whole lives, whether it be the healthy food guidelines, the latest fad diet, and everything our parents taught us, around 10% of us actually follow through and eat what we think is good for us. Knowing the foods to eat is only a small part of the battle, understanding how to make it workable for your lifestyle is a whole other kettle of fish.

Dietitians are trained to work with you as an individual to help you understand and practice great nutritional habits, with particular specialisation to work with medical conditions, sports people, those of older age and people who just want to be getting more out of their day.


What should I expect?

Our Dietitian, Cam McDonald can help you work out your program for you, providing you with a multitude of tasty meal options for your schedule, a shopping list and, of course, the motivation and support to make the changes happen.

But the need for a dietitian isn't forever. Once you understand the principles of the foods that are best for you and the foods to avoid, and you’ve had the expereince of your recommended foods changing (of course as your body changes, so does the fuel that is required), you will be confident to look after your life yourself, which is the most empowering and rewarding skill a person can have.

Utilising our Elite Dietitians will propel your Personal Health to new levels. Request your Appointment today to start living as your body intended!


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