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Relaxation Massage


Elite Relaxation MassageAn Elite Relaxation Massage is the Ultimate in relaxing the mind, body and soul! Using various styles such as flowing Swedish strokes, gentle Japanese Anma and calming Craniosacral techniques, your muscles will melt and the world will fade away…

Relaxation Massage can be used as a type of remedial massage to relieve stress and ease anxiety, to assist with depression, mental fatigue and grief, to enhance concentration and cognition, to enhance wellbeing and to calm and clarify a restless mind.

You will feel the results of the massage immediately and this contented, relaxed state will linger with you for the rest of the day or longer. We recommend receiving a Relaxation Massage on a day where you don’t have a large workload, or you are able to take some time to thoroughly relax and enjoy the benefits of the massage after your session.

Swedish Style Massage

Using long, flowing strokes at a pressure of your choice, a light, fragrance free oil is used to soothe and release your muscles. A full body relaxation massage includes bodywork to your back, legs, feet, hands, arms shoulders and neck.

If you would like to receive massage to your face, head or abdomen, please request this when booking.
Hot Stone Massage

Using heated Volcanic stones for additional warmth to soothe your tired muscles, your Therapist will use a combination of hand and forearm massage both with and without the warmed stones. Your muscles will melt and thoughts will wander to scenes of idyllic island getaways… Perfect for those who love the tropical heat on their body!
Aromatic Massage

A light, water soluble base oil is used to blanket your skin in delicate aromas of natural beauty – whether a relaxing floral bouquet, an invigorating citrusy tang, or a grounding woody refreshment. Combining aromatics with Massage is an age-old custom that not only releases tension but stimulates the senses to experience a deep state of harmony. The aromas of pure essential oil blends will leave you surrounded in a cloud of delight along with a contented sense of relaxation from a thoroughly relaxing muscle release.

To reward your body, mind and soul please Call us Now on 3394 4489 or request an appointment online and we'll help you fade into an unrivalled state of bliss!

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