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What Should I Expect from Treatment?

Your Elite Therapist will briefly discuss your reason for choosing massage, taking into account any referrals from GPs or other allied health professionals, to ensure you receive the appropriate and most suited style of massage. Please let your Therapist know of any pain, tightness or pre-existing medical conditions at this stage. If you are simply in for a relaxing treatment, our Therapists will also ask you for any information that may affect the massage.

If you have had treatments in the past where you have not liked the way you felt after the treatment, whether it be soreness, sleepiness or increased pain, please let your therapist know so that they can choose techniques to suit your needs. 

Techniques, pressure and duration are all chosen in consultation with you. You have control during the whole session to request changes in pressure or technique, to chat about your day or to succumb to our magic hands and relax and unwind.

Once the treatment has been discussed, your Massage Therapist will explain the process of placing yourself on the table and leave the room as you do so, returning to undrape the areas required for the massage and begin to work their magic hands!

Your Therapist will check with you as they go about the pressure of the techniques and ensure that you are comfortable during the whole massage. If you are required to turn over during the treatment, your Therapist will explain what you need to do and when, and make sure that you are draped for privacy at all times.

As the treatment draws to a close, your therapist will explain to you what they have worked on and offer suggestions of how you may continue the benefits of the treatment at home. Where additional treatments may be beneficial for your situation, your Therapist will advise you as to when and how often Massage Therapy Treatment would be of most benefit, however this is completely up to you!

After an Elite Massage…

Due to the stimulating effect of massage, it is advised to increase your water intake to assist your body in the detoxifying process. Depending on the techniques used during the massage, you may feel sleepy and relaxed or awake and invigorated.

It is a good idea to continue with the stretches or self-massage that your Therapist suggests after your session as this will aid in assisting the body to continue it’s healing.

Bookings for Massage Therapy are essential - if you would like to book a Massage Treatment, please give our friendly reception team a call now on 3394 4489.

Please Note: Where deeper methods are requested, you may feel some “treatment soreness” or even experience bruising after treatment* so please be aware of this when booking your appointment. Please ensure you discuss any pre-existing conditions with your Therapist at the time of your appointment to avoid any prolonged treatment soreness. Remember, pressure and intensity of the massage are solely at your discretion!

* If you request deep tissue treatment, it is very important to note that everyone has a different tissue response to pressure within their body - so the same deep tissue treatment that is perfect for you may leave a friend or family member you have recommended bruised or sore for up to a week! Hence we encourage an individual, tailored approach as each body has their own perfect style of massage!

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