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headache-intext-cutoutApproximately 1 in 12 people in Australia suffer from persistent headaches or migraines and up to 90% of adults have had or will have “tension” headaches that occur from physical or emotional stress.

Symptoms can present anywhere in the head and neck region but more commonly involve the base of the neck and temples, depending on the underlying cause. There are a number of different types and categories of headaches however most are due to an underlying structural problem in the head or neck that commonly involve muscles, ligaments, joints, nerves or blood vessels.

Elite Physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced in accurately identifying and successfully treating both the symptoms and the underlying causes of headaches. We are often referred clients who have been unsuccessful with other treatments or therapists and we look forward to helping you with your pain or injury!

Please Call Us Now on 3394 4489 to book an appointment with one of our highly trained and experienced Therapists or for more information and advice related to your pain.

Note: It is important to realise various other conditions can cause similar symptoms, from relatively harmless dehydration or jaw (TMJ) dysfunctions to more serious conditions such as meningitis and brain tumors. Please always seek medical advice if your pain is persistent or increasing in nature.

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