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Knee Pain

Knee pain as a result of overuse or over-training is a common complaint amongst athletes from all ages and backgrounds, but particularly common in the younger and adolescent athlete.

Common overuse Knee injuries treated by Elite Physiotherapists include:

  • Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome
  • Osgood Schlatters Disease
  • ITB Friction Syndrome
  • Patella Tendinopathy
  • Patella Bursitis
  • Tendonitis or Tenosynovitis

Overuse Injuries will almost always have a multitude of contributing factors. It is often a number of these factors that collectively cause a gradual onset of pain to the point where it becomes too sore for the athlete to train or compete.

It is vital that all aspects are accurately identified and addressed in order to successfully settle your pain, fast-track your recovery, and avoid the risk of further injury or prolonged time off sport.

Common contributing factors include:

  • Incorrect Running or Skills Technique
  • Muscle Imbalances
  • Back, Hip & Pelvis alignment
  • Training intensity, volume, frequency & duration
  • Poor Flexibility
  • Footwear type & condition/age
  • Ankle over-pronation
  • Weak quadriceps
  • Poor core stability
  • Ground surface conditions
  • Surface gradients i.e. hills
  • Leg length discrepancy

For more information on these conditions or factors, or on other less common overuse knee injuries also treated by Elite Physiotherapists, Call Us Now on 3394 4489 to make an appointment or request to speak to one of our friendly Physiotherapists for more detailed advice related to your injury.

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