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Elite Taekwondo

Elite provides Specialised Physiotherapy, Injury Prevention and Education services to all Taekwondo players. 

Elite is proud to have Physiotherapists specialising in Taekwondo through their own personal interest and passion for the Sport - able to understand your training, requirements and frustration from experience. Be sure to request a Taekwondo Specialist when you book your appointment at Elite.

Taekwondo sees many acute injuries but also the occurrence of overuse injuries and ongoing pain.  

Common Taekwondo injuries include:
  • Acute muscle strains typically hamstring, adductors, quads, calves
  • Acute joint sprains commonly the ankle, foot or knee
  • Contusions from jammed/kicked wrists/finger joints; and corks to thigh and upper arm 
  • Overuse injuries such as tendonitis and tendinopathy commonly presenting through hips, knees and ankles
  • Ongoing pain in back, lower back, pelvis and hips
Acute injuries can be managed extremely well under the guidance of a Sports Physio - seeing you back on the mats as soon as possible.
Or, if you are at a stage in your career where you need to warm up before warming up to be able to comfortably get through training, it's high time you saw an Elite Physio to find the cause of your pain. Your Elite Physio will provide accurate assessment, diagnosis, education, treatment and rehabilitation for your problem, ensuring you understand your injury and are confident with your rehabilitation program to see that you are fit to train, spar and fight without niggling pain so that you can perform at your best.
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