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Beter Sleep

Do you need to sleep better..?

Why not try some of our Natural Tips to Better Sleep!

Everyone needs a differing amount of sleep but as a generalisation – somewhere between 6-10 hours is good! But the quality of sleep needs to be really good!

So how can I improve the quality of my sleep? Lucky enough, for most people, there are lots of natural ways to sleep better!

Natural Tips to Better Sleep!

1. Wind down before you go to bed

Do something that relaxes you – whether it be listening to relaxing music, doing some yoga, meditating, reading, cooking, stretching, etc. you want to be winding down to get your body and your mind ready for sleep.

2. Avoid stimulants in the evening

Caffeine, Alcohol, Action movies or excitable TV or books, stimulating conversations, Exercise for some, can all create a buzz and tend to keep you awake rather than help you sleep. Avoiding them is the first step!

And if you need to replace it with something else, try a Chamomile tea, a warm milk or a herbal infusion with valerian – a natural sedative.

3. Get Organised

If you find yourself constantly thinking or worrying about what you have to do tomorrow, make yourself a list of the 5 most important things to do and leave it by your bedside. You’ll go to sleep without worry - knowing you’re prepared.

If you do find that you have a sleeping problem that can’t be fixed with a few tips, please document your troubles - things like when you wake up, what position you’re in, why you wake up, what you think about when you can’t sleep can really help your Health Professional to help you!

Take the information with you when you have your next appointment – even your Physio or Massage Therapist may be able to point you in the right direction to help you sleep better!

For more awesome health tips and techniques, why not come in for one of our FREE Workshops!

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