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Can I Afford to Be Healthy?

Can you afford to be Healthy?

Well we could start here with the ‘can you afford not to be healthy..?’ angle but I think we’ve all heard that one a few too many times!

We all know that being sick costs more than being healthy – but can you actually afford to be Healthy these days – if we look solely at the price of organic vegetables then we could easily start to think it may be difficult…!

Being Healthy means more than just eating the right foods and getting some exercise – it’s about maintaining a healthy balance in life. Put ALL the good stuff into your body, your mind and your soul and reap the benefits. Do what you enjoy! Hang out with people you like! Live in a climate you love! Eat well!

Thrifty Tips to staying Healthy!

1. Avoid Toxic crap!

Now this means anything that is poisonous – chemicals and pesticides, Pollution, People who whinge and harass you with toxic vibes, Pessimism, Negativity, Rage.. wow, just writing this is bringing me down!

The less you are around these things, the less effect it will have on you! Go for organic, chemical free, and optimistic!

2. Grow your Own

Speaking of Organic – it can be pretty expensive to keep buying organic vegetables! But seeds cost very little at Kmart, Bunnings and the like…!

You can get seedlings from market stalls and, funnily enough, the supermarkets actually give them away - if you buy some vegetables, you get the seeds for free! You don’t need a lot of space and you don’t need a garden – try planting in pots (Also very cheap at Bunnings, etc. or try a garage sale or your neighbour is bound to have some that they don’t need!). Get some soil or potting mix and plant away!

Instead of paying $6/kg for ‘vine ripened tomatoes’ all you’ll pay for is the 30 seconds a day it takes to water them! Invest some of your internet surfing time into finding out how to grow a vegetable from a seed and you’ll never need to buy another tomato again!

3. Get organised!

Organise your time so that you can fit in everything that you enjoy doing!

  1. Put a full watering can by the door at night so you can take it out to water your tomatoes in the morning!
  2. Know when classes are on at the gym so you can get there in time or Make appointments with your PT and stick to them! 
  3. Write your To Do list for work and find satisfaction in ticking the items off as you go!
  4. Prepare your meals for the week or at least know what you’ll be eating so you don’t have to stress about getting healthy food into you!
  5. Schedule some Me Time!
  6. Schedule some social time!
  7. Always write down or record the things that you remember that you need to do! (Use a reminder list or calendar)

And if a spontaneous trip to the beach or a once in a lifetime concert comes up, then re-organise so that you still fit in everything you need to do alongside the spontaneous events! Then you’ll never get left behind or fall behind!

Knowing what you’re doing also gives you great foresight into how much it’s going to cost! You can save on last minute take-away foods, plan where to go for your social time (=how much you have to spend, i.e. beach vs fancy spa) and know exactly how much work you need to do to get you by without worry!

Being Healthy can be very affordable – all it takes is a little planning and know-how!

Check out our Pinterest boards for some great inspiration for thrifty good times.

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