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Does Goal Setting Really Work?

Does Goal Setting Actually work?

Have you ever had a dream so big that you it’s totally impossible? But it kind of sits in the back of your mind, as you gaze out of the window or space out over your coffee…?

As a fun activity – why don’t you give goal setting a try! Write down what that huge dream is. And then think of the steps that would get someone there – not you of course, cause it’s way too big for you…! ;)

What would you need? Education? Contacts? Money?

These are all very easy to come across when you have your goal mapped out! Simply work backwards from your end goal. It’s just like writing a shopping list but on a larger scale, for example: I want to: Bake a pie

So how do I do that? Let’s work backwards:

  1. Bake pie in the oven
  2. Mix all ingredients together
  3. Buy all ingredients
  4. Get money to buy ingredients
  5. Find recipe (your roadmap)

Notice that there are actually quite a few details missing...

I don’t actually own an oven, or a house, or any baking equipment – but that won’t stop me because I have a friend who would love me to bake a cake in her oven, at her house, with her baking utensils – and will also help me do it! We can both achieve our goals!

And let’s step it up a notch…

I want to: Network with the biggest people in my field

So how do I get there?

Working backwards:

  1. Be present at the worlds biggest gathering for my field
  2. Book a ticket, flights and accommodation
  3. Find money for the above
  4. Work for the money above
  5. Find a legal way to earn money

Or this one is even better –

  1. Be present at the worlds biggest gathering for my field in Denmark
  2. Receive confirmation of my complimentary ticket, flights and accommodation
  3. Get invited to speak at the event
  4. Apply to speak at the event
  5. Get published in my field
  6. Do what I do really well
  7. Find what I love to do!

Sometimes the most complex and far reaching things can actually be really simple when you break them down and look at them objectively.

Yes, there will always be ups and downs and little things – or even big things that get in the way, but if you have a clearly defined goal with a malleable path, you’ll get there in the end!!

So why not have a go – just for fun… mark out the path to your dream goal and stick it on the wall.. and see what becomes…!

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