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Is Work Really a Pain in Your Neck?

Is your work really a Pain in the Neck..?

At the end of your work day are you sore from sitting or lifting or twisting..?

And then as soon as you stop working for a while you feel pretty good again…?

Maybe your work is actually causing your pain…?

Now there’s no reason to jump to conclusions and make a claim for compensation! Have a chat to your workplace - there are some really easy, inexpensive things that you can do to help you have a pain free job!

1. Posture

There is a multitude of information on the internet that can give you all you need to know about setting up your workstation to be ergonomic!

The correct sitting and standing postures, lifting, pushing and pulling techniques are very simple to implement and all based on correct biomechanics of the body. They are there to reduce as much avoidable load and stress on your body as possible!

2. Repetition

Repetition comes in when you do that same thing in your job over and over again. Of course we all have heard of the brickie who has been bending over every time he grabs a brick for the last 20 years who sneezes and puts his back ‘out’…! But sometimes it may not actually be obvious to you until you think about it…

For example, if you work in a checkout, always stand in the same spot with a slight twist every time you scan an item, you might eventually end up with some pain from that twist.

Of if you worked with aged people and continually hold one arm out to ensure no one falls, there may come a time when that action causes a bit of a reaction.

Change up your stance, use different arms or hands and if you do need to do things over and over again have a break every now and then and do the opposite action!

3. Take Action

If you recognise that something is causing you a pain, do something about it!

Place your phone on the opposite side of the computer, ask for some manual handling training, or see if a workplace ergonomic assessment would be viable!

Your body is your business and pain means it’s trying to tell you something! It’s therefore your responsibility to do something about it!

If you’re interested in a Workplace Assessment or need some help getting back into your work from injury - contact us on 3394 4489 or request an appointment today!

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