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Time to Kick Stress Goodbye?

Do you ever feel stressed?

It’s a pretty common occurrence these days – stress with home, work or just life in general! But stress can create all sorts of other problems - health risks, pain, relationship and workplace issues to name a few!

So why do we put up with it? Often it’s because we don’t know any other ways. So we’ve put together 3 quick tips to help you get rid of some of the stress in your life!

Top Tips for Kicking the Stress Habit!

1. Get organised!

  1. When you have a task to do, pop it in your calendar straight away!
  2. Give it an appropriate timeframe, i.e. if it needs to be done by Friday, put a note in to say it’s Due Friday, and a note in to say get it done on Tuesday!
  3. Allocate adequate time. If you give allocate yourself 2 hours to do something you know is going to take 4, you are setting yourself up for failure and stress! Be realistic and add it to the calendar realistically!
  4. If you suddenly remember something you have to do, add a reminder in your phone or calendar straight away! The more organised you are, the less you have to worry about the things that you keep forgetting!

2. Change things

  1. If there are some things that are causing you stress that can be changed, then do it!
  2. If you find it super stressful to drive to work in the morning with all the traffic then catch a bus! Or at least drive half way and then catch a bus!
  3. If you know something can be changed that you can’t control then talk to the person who can do something about it!
  4. If clutter in your home or your desk makes you anxious - de-clutter!
  5. If the ability to change your cause of stress exists, then please do so!

3. Take a step back & look at the big picture

Imagine you are an onlooker to the situation with no emotional involvement. How do things look from this different perspective? Can you see things a bit clearer or some options that you may have missed before?

Sometimes it’s a lot easier to get a handle on situations when you look from another perspective.

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