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Only as Good as Your Team?

Are you only as good as the Team around you…?

For some it can be a pretty scary thought..!

In sports, the results are obvious… you may be a shining star in offence but if the back lines don’t pull through you’re in trouble….!

Is it the same at work? You could be salesman of the year but if the products don’t get dispatched, you’re not going to be very popular for long!

Yes – it’s true, which is why you want to surround yourself with a team that is equal to you! Or better than you so you lift your game!

Deep down we all want to do the best we can do – to make a contribution and be thanked for our efforts. If sometimes we get stuck in a team that drags the chain, then we can slip into bad habits ourselves!

So how do we make sure that our Team at work kicks goals?

1. Communicate

It sounds pretty dull and boring and we’ve all heard it before but communication is the key to making it all work! As all of our mothers said: If you don’t ask, you don’t know! You may get a marvellous response that changes your whole team and your life! Or you may not get a response that you wanted – either way, you will know the answer and you will be able to move forward from there!

Unvoiced opinions or concerns can easily harbour misunderstandings, frustration and resentment so get it all out with clear, open communication in your team and you’ll all be on the same page.

2. Assign tasks to Strengths

Know the people in your team and know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Where you can, assign tasks to your team member’s strengths. They will enjoy it and you will get a great result!

3. Support each other

There are not many humans who will flourish in constant criticism! Always offer constructive criticism, suggestions for solutions and, of course, always say Thanks for someone’s efforts, and help out if you can.

There will be a time when you could do with some help too!

4. Have Guidelines and Training

Without guidelines and training, your team has free reign to do whatever they interpret as correct! In some cases, this is great, but in others, a protocol needs to be followed. Make sure everyone has access to the guidelines and is trained before they start their tasks to avoid misinterpretations!

Your Team is a reflection of you! Whether you are a team leader or a casual member. The amount of work you put into your team is directly proportionate to the results that you get!

If you’d like to become a part of a motivated community inspired to optimal health, stay in the loop with our facebook, pinterest and twitter feeds and keep the inspiration flowing! 

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