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Staying on Track

How do I track my health?

Ok, so if I shouldn’t compare myself to others because we are all unique – how do I know if I’m healthy or not?

Simple! Just pay attention to your body! You are a human being that is meant to be pain free and live a happy life!

Whatever takes you out of that frame can probably use some work!

1. Baselines

You need to have baselines – like a before for a before and after but some things you won’t be able to take pictures of! Try some of these:

  1. Sleep Quality – rated out of 10
  2. Sleep Length – track the hours you have
  3. Body Fat – track your skin folds
  4. Skin appearance – take pictures
  5. General mood – how do you feel in the morning, after foods, your reactions, etc.
  6. Energy Levels – rate your energy in the mornings and afternoons
  7. Fitness levels – do you puff up the stairs?

2. Keep records

The more records you keep, the more you will know how you respond! And you’ll discover what works for you and what doesn’t!

  • Stick a calendar next to your bed and mark your mood and energy levels or record your sleep quality every time you wake up.
  • Every morning take a picture in the mirror of your skin and see it change or reflect what you do in your days
  • Keep track of which number stair starts to get you breathing heavily!

3. Review your progress

Regularly review your progress but give yourself enough time to improve between reviews!

It’s very easy to start enthusiastically and after seeing no progress in 3 days, become disheartened and give it all up! Some things you will be able to review as you go, i.e. mood, You will be able to notice if certain foods or states (lack of sleep) have an effect on your mood immediately!

Check your progress for things like skinfolds, fitness and skin appearance each week at the very earliest – monthly will give you more inspiration as you’ll see the difference!

You are completely unique and you can certainly track a whole heap of different measures to see if you are functioning optimally or have areas to improve!

For help in personalising your goals and your health, why not schedule a Personalised Health consultation at Elite? 

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