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What is Self Massage?

What on Earth is Self Massage?

For some of you a picture of yourself laying on a table contortioning your own feet to rub oil on your shoulders may come to mind…!

But in reality Self massage is actually a really easy way to relax your muscles yourself – anywhere, anytime, at no cost to you! For releasing stress, pain relief, sports performance, or just to be a bit more comfortable! And if 30 seconds of your time can relieve your headache anywhere, anytime - why wouldn’t you want those skills?!

Self Massage is exactly what it says – you can learn to massage yourself! With your Hands, your Knees, a Tennis ball, a Foam roller, a Wine bottle, a Rock… it is super simple, can be super effective and can quite easily get you through the day!

As with Massage, self massage works on the pressure receptors in your muscles to allow your muscles to relax – taking away the tension you feel and often the pain that goes with it!

Try this –

Using your fingers and thumb, grab a chunk of flesh at the top of your shoulders. Squeeze it and then let go. Repeat that a couple of times.

Not only does that stimulate the pressure receptors in your muscles but also physically helps to squeeze the blood (which carries your oxygen and nutrients) through all the little vessels to move more efficiently through your body! Voila! You’re self massaging!

This one is great when your neck gets sore from computer work or if you have a headache that’s posture related!

Or here’s another way -

Grab yourself that tennis ball on the table – or the apple, or that round smooth rock close-by.

Now lay on the floor or lean up against the wall and put the ball/apple/rock between you and the wall/floor. Don’t put it under your spine – put it where there is a bit of muscle! (usually on either side of your spine is good!) now lay down or lean against it. You don’t even have to move. Ta-da! You are now massaging yourself and stimulating all those pressure receptors in your muscle to start relaxing and releasing tension!

Self Massage is a super simple way to help get rid of aches and pains and help to see you comfortably through your day!

If you’d like to find out more about Self Massage, chat with one of our Therapists or try our Relaxation Habits at Home pack today! 

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