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Meet Ellie!

comic-ellie-portraitEllie’s just your ordinary, every day  woman. She lives and works in Brisbane, Enjoys her job (most of the time…)  and loves to chill on the weekends.


There’s nothing seriously wrong with Ellie’s health. She gets a bit achey for no real reason sometimes, gets a bit moody when doesn’t sleep well, which is maybe a couple of nights a week, she gets a few headaches every now and then when her shoulders get really sore, and her tummy plays up every now and then too – getting a bit bloated (and uncomfortably being asked if she was pregnant on occasion..!)


Ellie thought she was normal… And by today’s standard – she was!


But then Ellie discovered the fact that she was completely and utterly unique, and just because a friend of hers got aches and pains too, didn’t mean that it was normal for everyone… In fact, she found, there is no ‘normal for everyone’ – but there is ‘normal’ or balance for every individual., and most of the time – it’s different! It’s completely personal!


Ellie had been hearing ‘you’re unique, darling’ from her mother since she could remember, but now, it seemed her mum was right – in more ways than she could ever imagine..


Ellie had stumbled across her genes…the genetic tendencies and predispositions that we are all born with..  so science says she’s unique…


But what was more enthralling was the fact that Ellie discovered what it meant by the ‘expression of her genes’.


Everyone has genes, and everyone’s genes are different – yes, we know that, but even more so – the way your genes are expressed is influenced by you life… All these things called epigenetic factors.


Basically – where you live, what you eat, what activity you do, who you talk to, what interactions you have, what you think – all of these factors during your whole entire life – actually affect the expression of your genes.


So unless there has been someone standing at your side, thinking, eating, doing, saying, experiencing everything that you’ve ever done, your whole life… then there is no-one in the universe who is the same as you..!!


And it suddenly dawned on Ellie – well, if I am so unique – how do I know what my normal is..? How will anyone know..? how will I know what’s good for me? Personally?


And then she discovered Personalised Health at Elite. The revolution in Healthcare that personalizes your health, specifically for you.


Using centuries of evidence, combined with todays technology and research, the Personalized health revolution is now upon us. Where you can find out what you can do to be at your unique optimal level of health.


Ellie’s first consultation was mind boggling – she had a few measurements taken and was asked a few questions. Then her body and her health was laid out before her, uncannily accurate. Even down to the tooth she’d recently had a problem with. It was almost unbelievable – there were no blood tests, no samples taken and yet, here she saw a roadmap of her health – what had happened and what may come, and what she could do to be at her optimal level, every day…!


Of course, there was a bit of trepidation to begin with, Can this really be a thing..?


But when she looked closer, the fact that your gene expression has created the body that you have today  - well, it kinda made sense.


So she gave the recommendations a go. This wasn’t coming from just anyone, it came from her Specialised Personal Health GP, who oversaw her whole program. 


She thought – well why not! If it means I can be the optimal healthy for me – why wouldn’t I give it a go..?


She tried the foods listed, she tried the exercise listed, she tried the acupuncture suggested, she changed a couple of small things in her work day, and she was supported by the awesomely personable team of health professionals at Elite the whole way…


She couldn’t believe it - in 4 weeks, she had a new normal. She wasn’t getting aches and pains, she was sleeping like a log, no mood swings, funnily enough - no aching shoulders and she found she had bundles of energy left over for the weekend – so her usual 11.30am Saturday sleep in receded to a natural satisfied wake-up at 9.30am! and best of all – no more pregnancy japes!


Ellie had spent the last probably 10 years trying new diets, and new training programs to see if she couldn’t make herself look like the fashionistas in Hollywood… And now, she realised, she was just completely different. Why would she even bother to try and look like someone else when all she really needed to do was to look like herself – in the best shape for her!


There was no more competition with the fit chick at the gym, no more comparisons to the covers of the womens’ heath magazine – the competition was now to see whether  she couldn’t keep herself in an optimal state of health – for her body!


Ellie now makes her own choices, knowing specifically what’s good for her and what’s not.  She’s accustomed to being healthy and if she does have some time where she needs to compromise, she knows what she can do to get back in the flow! :)

If you'd like the same results as Ellie, Check out our Personalised Health Services Now! 

You'll be amazed at what you'll find out and how small alterations can make such a difference to your overall health and wellness! 

When you know what is right for your body - there is no more guesswork. Health becomes easy - and suddenly you find you can concentrate on the things that really matter in your life!  

Personalise Your Health and Wellness today! 

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